Self-control plans

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Self-control plans: a legal obligation and an extra detail to enhance your restaurant

In addition to being a chef, I am an expert food safety technical consultant. I often dedicate myself to constructing self-control plans for restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, or other venues.
The self-control manual is a mandatory health and hygiene self-control system for all operators in the food sector. It is an essential document, which lays out the guidelines to which a specific place must comply and at the same time guarantees customers the safe processing of raw materials and food.

Self-control plans are a tool capable of ensuring that the finished and final product reaches the customers’ table (at home or in the restaurant) without any kind of contamination. It is something to boast about: it guarantees the coherence and genuineness of every activity, from the shop to the truck that also makes home deliveries, from the food stand to the pizzeria, from the bakery to the starred restaurant, passing through butchers and pastry shops.

Self-control plans are based on an analysis called HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which allows you to effectively monitor the quality of processing in all stages of the process.


Together we’ll create an effective and consistent manual with your company, starting from the temperatures of refrigerators, up to responsibilities and good daily practices.


Self-control plans

Get in touch now, send me a message on WhatsApp or call me on the phone, and let’s make an appointment- together we’ll develop a manual capable of enhancing your restaurant business.


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The kitchen is real only if it is shared. Like happiness. Thus, I organize cooking classes, cooking classes, and enjoy being a consultant for restaurants and clubs in general, from self-control plans to staff training. I also therefore help make a reality any event my clients want, corporate or otherwise.

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