A chef in your home

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The solution for quality dinners and relaxation? Federico Frosali, a chef in your home.

Ideas for a memorable evening? Contact me and I’ll be your personal chef, at your home, wherever you live. Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Bologna, Perugia, Verona, Brescia, Genoa, Padua, Pisa, for New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, for Christmas lunch or for a gourmet dinner on Halloween. Together we’ll build the menu and your event will be unforgettable for everyone!

How does it work?

The private chef service that I’ve built is really very simple. Follow these points:


1. Get in touch

Together we’ll check availability for the requested date and start building the menu. I’ll ask you some questions, regarding personal taste, the type of dinner or event, the presence of any allergies or specific needs of one or more guests. Meat or fish?



2. The Menu

In the following days I’ll submit the menu I have created for your dinner. Simply hearing it out loud will make your mouth water. If the need arises to change something, we’ll make it suitable for your requests. My menus are, in any case, always customized. I don’t have a pre-established conception: I enhance fresh seasonal ingredients in dishes dedicated to those who’ll savor them for dinner (or lunch!)



3. Organization

I’ll do the shopping for dinner myself. I source exclusively from selected suppliers with whom I have long-standing relationships. I want to see the products and personally choose only the best variety of each ingredient. If you want to learn more about how I choose food, read the page I dedicated to my kitchen.



4. Preparation

I’ll be at your home a few hours before dinner to help prepare everything you need. I’ll cook with my own equipment, brought directly from my workshop.



5. Everyone

dinner’s ready! I’ll serve the dinner myself, or a room attendant will do it with me. We’ll make sure to explain every single recipe in detail and, if requested, also the combinations with wine. Maximum privacy and the intimate atmosphere of your home will be enhanced with an embrace of enveloping and fascinating flavors.

At the end of the dinner I’ll personally take care of leaving your impeccable kitchen.

How much does a dinner at home cost?

It’s not possible to answer this question clearly, because it depends on the menu we are going to compose and on the amount of people at the table. I can tell you that you’ll spend less than at a restaurant, enjoying your home, its atmosphere, its privacy, and total discretion. A chef in your home, gourmet, and characterized by maximum comfort.

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How do I compose my menus?

I always build a proposal tailored to the occasion, putting my passion, my culinary art, and my experience at the service of the tastes of the people who contacted me.
My cuisine always aims to be the maximum exaltation of flavors in their genuine and original identity.

My menus consist of four courses: antipasti or appetizer, first course, second course, dessert. We can also develop alternative suggestions, for example based only on finger food, tastings, or unique ethnic dishes. My mission is to delight your palate!

I usually serve my menus with wines from wineries I know personally, we can choose a single label to accompany the whole dinner, or the combination of different wines, one for each course.

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I cook, you cook, he cooks, we cook- with LOVE!

The kitchen is real only if it is shared. Like happiness. Thus, I organize cooking classes, cooking classes, and enjoy being a consultant for restaurants and clubs in general, from self-control plans to staff training. I also therefore help make a reality any event my clients want, corporate or otherwise.

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