A dinner at home

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Let me introduce you to my kitchen for your dinner. A private chef for a gourmet dinner

What is hidden behind a dinner at a private home? A true chef wants to prepare a gourmet dinner for every occasion, and this means starting with the choice of the best ingredients.
I personally take care of the selection of each item, I want to see, touch, understand the vegetables, the cuts of meat, the spices, the aromatic herbs.

My cuisine follows the seasons, because a chef’s job is above all to exalt the flavor of an ingredient. Bringing out the ocean in every crustacean, remembering the forest and the joy of discovery in a mushroom sauce. My cuisine crystallizes emotions and recounts lived experiences, speaking directly, touching your soul.
Here’s what you should expect from a home-cooked dinner prepared by my hands.

I have had deep relationships with trusted suppliers for many years. I grew up and live in the part of Tuscany that some call the Valle del Diavolo or the Devil’s Valley, due to its intense geothermal activity. An enchanted place, where with simplicity and attention people live in close contact with nature, respecting it. I know where to stock up on truffles that speak of paths taken at dawn, enclosing a unique intensity, just as I know the history and the land that made colorful, fresh, turgid, and fragrant zucchini flowers blossom.

For any dinner at home, I always prioritize the freshness of the ingredients. When I am contacted for opportunities outside my region, I immediately get to work finding local suppliers. I contact them and verify their production process, and then go on to buy the necessary items in person, verifying their authenticity.

We’ll agree on the menu together, for a refined gourmet dinner that follows your taste, from the great classics of Italian cuisine to small masterpieces that I have conceived and tested as head chef in farmhouses, restaurants, events, and dinners at private homes. My cuisine can be distilled in finger food as in traditional dishes, in elaborate first courses, as in second courses of genuine meat or fish. Raw and cooked, even vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, without fear of attempts at fusion or innovation.


A new taste experience

Enjoy the absolute pleasure of a dinner at home cooked by a chef, combine the pleasure of the comfort of your home, worrying only about enjoying every moment, every cuddle.


A new taste experience perfect for a romantic evening as a couple, as for a family occasion and for a gift.


Get in touch and treat yourself to a gourmet dinner at home. It will be unforgettable.

I cook, you cook, he cooks, we cook- with LOVE!

The kitchen is real only if it is shared. Like happiness. Thus, I organize cooking classes, cooking classes, and enjoy being a consultant for restaurants and clubs in general, from self-control plans to staff training. I also therefore help make a reality any event my clients want, corporate or otherwise.

Monte Rosola
Usiglian del Vescovo
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