Corporate events

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A cook for your corporate events, for your dinners, refreshments, or key lunches

I’m fully aware that your company’s story is a serious matter. Therefore, when I talk about corporate events I approach every activity with respect, curiosity, and attention. I believe that being an event chef means much more than proposing a menu for a buffet, lunch, or dinner. Corporate events always have goals, and I can put all my passion, experience, and professionalism at your disposal to help you reach your desired goal.

I can participate in all types of events: corporate, promotional, educational, motivational, or incentive and for each one I can think of an ad hoc proposal, helping to confirm the solid image of your business, developing brand awareness, and increasing visibility.

If you’re looking for original ideas for events, we can take advantage of all our creativity, and plan interactive activities such as cooking classes, which can represent a fun blend of work and entertainment. Team building in the kitchen, for example, improves relationships and helps develop teamwork.


Chef for Corporate events

I know how important corporate events are and how difficult it is to organize them at the best of times. For everything related to food, I’ll be at your disposal to help you create a pleasant and memorable occasion, a powerful and tasty marketing tool.


If you’re looking for a chef for corporate events, get in touch now by clicking the WhatsApp button, or call me and I’ll listen to you carefully.
Let’s plan together an original, innovative, and unforgettable event!


I cook, you cook, he cooks, we cook- with LOVE!

The kitchen is real only if it is shared. Like happiness. Thus, I organize cooking classes, cooking classes, and enjoy being a consultant for restaurants and clubs in general, from self-control plans to staff training. I also therefore help make a reality any event my clients want, corporate or otherwise.

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