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Let's put our hands together and cook something surprising- my cooking classes.

My cooking classes are opportunities for all tastes, fun and professional, dedicated to all people who want to live a day as a chef, prepare a gourmet dinner, have fun as a couple or even with the kids, and then sit down and savor the best of culinary art and the Italian spirit.

Tell me something about yourself, get in touch and tell me about your idea. Do you want to give one of my cooking classes as a gift? Or do you simply want to learn cooking tricks and secrets, within the walls of your home?


Together we can prepare pizza, bread, egg pasta (and think up a seasoning with seasonal ingredients), elaborate rustic quiches, give an exotic touch to your home kitchen with oriental or ethnic preparations, stage a finger food aperitif, or choose the substance and serve meat or fish main courses.

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My idea of ​​cooking is modern, innovative, but based on tradition. Above all, it is at the forefront of trying to arouse emotions. The sensations attach themselves to your memory and make each dish magical. Therefore, the passion you put into preparing a gourmet meal is reflected in the taste experience. We cook for love, always. For the pleasure of being together, sharing and smiling.
Send me a message on WhatsApp or call me and we’ll choose a customized idea for your cooking class, I’m ready to pack a thousand ideas for as many skill levels. Are you ready?

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I cook, you cook, he cooks, we cook- with LOVE!

The kitchen is real only if it is shared. Like happiness. Thus, I organize cooking classes, cooking classes, and enjoy being a consultant for restaurants and clubs in general, from self-control plans to staff training. I also therefore help make a reality any event my clients want, corporate or otherwise.

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